Would you like to work in an international environment and do you want to continue to develop yourself? Welcome to RAVAS!

RAVAS Europe B.V. is a family business and since 1965 has grown to become the European market leader in the field of mobile weighing systems on hand pallet trucks, warehouse trucks and forklift trucks. We work primarily with dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers, and you know exactly what's happening in those environments. We give you the space to develop yourself and do what you do best. Together we look at what is needed for this and how you can achieve the maximum possible.

De werkvloer bij Ravas

Why is working at RAVAS so enjoyable?

  1. International environment - Not only are our customers located throughout Europe, our staff also has many nationalities. Mostly from Western Europe, but we also have Antillean, Iranian, Eritrean and American employees. In short, an inspiring international environment, in which we work together, customer-focused, every day.
  2. Development opportunities - RAVAS is constantly looking for new techniques and we think it is important that you continue to develop yourself. We like to work with people who are enterprising and want to grow. You will learn from your experienced, driven colleagues and will show ambition.
  3. Training possibilities - We offer you plenty of room to grow and develop yourself. What you need to be able to do your work even better? Do you need more personal coaching, training or do you want to take another course? RAVAS offers you the space to discover and show your talents.
  4. Flat structure - Traditionally we are a family business, and we still have a flat structure. Within RAVAS, everyone is open with one another, and there are no complicated hierarchical structures. It is precisely this family atmosphere that we find very important. RAVAS people take care of each other.

History, from 1965 to the present day

In 1965 Raphael van Seumeren founded RAVAS in Utrecht. Starting out as a distributor of DAF trucks and accessories, he quickly discovered that the sale of accessories was more interesting. In the 1970s, RAVAS built the first mobile weighing system for trucks. When the growth potential of mobile weighing became clear in 1992, RAVAS decided to continue as RAVAS Europe bv. Since then it has been successfully and fully engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of mobile weighing systems. RAVAS AL has won several awards with its innovative products. RAVAS is still owned by the Van Seumeren family. The head office is still located in the Netherlands, in Zaltbommel. The company also has sites in France and America. In addition, RAVAS has sales outlets around the world, from Asia to the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.