Lever Fabergé uses forklift scale to control stock of perfumes

Once every three months an inventory is made of the perfumes warehouse. Thanks to the weighing forks on the forklift truck, the IBC containers only need to be lifted from the racking to know how much perfume they contain. When weighing a warehouse full of IBC’s, this saves them a full day’s work!

Lever Faberge-RAVAS-RWV-C

"We bought the scale equipment to do check weighing, but since this truck weighs anyway, we started using it for many more purposes."


Forklift scale shows how much perfume is left in the IBC 

At the Lever Fabergé site where Hans van Dorp works, raw materials and semi-finished products are mixed into liquid detergents. At the production site in Vlaardingen, Cif detergent is one of the main items produced. An important component of any liquid detergent is perfume. At Lever, the perfumes are stored in a special warehouse, in 1,000 litre IBC containers. Perfumes are inflammable materials, which is why they are kept apart from the production process as much as possible. Just before production of a detergent batch the perfume container is collected from the warehouse. The forklift truck scale immediately shows how much perfume is left in the IBC, whether the remaining perfume can be left in production, and whether new perfume needs to be ordered. Thus the mobile scale on the forklift truck plays a daily role in stock control.

Mobile weighing saves a day's work

Once every three months an inventory is taken at the perfume warehouse. During this stock-taking every IBC in the warehouse is weighed, the weights are recorded and compared with virtual stocks. The reason for this frequent stock-taking is that perfume is a very expensive article: a thousand litre container may well cost 10,000 to 20,000 euro. A mobile weighing system saves lots of time in stock taking. While the weighing of containers on a floor scale is very time consuming (lifting the container from the racks, driving to the floor scale, weighing the container, driving it back again and replacing it in the rack), with a forklift scale you lift the container a few centimetres and it’s immediately weighed. When weighing a warehouse full of IBC’s, this will easily save a day’s work!

Checking incoming goods

At Lever Fabergé, the weighing forklift truck is used for more purposes than just stock control. Hans van Dorp: 'Sometimes we check incoming goods, especially when we have our doubts about the amounts supplied. And when we need to ship items, we weigh them on the forklift truck as well.'