Evonik Colortrend controls stock of chemicals with iForks


Evonik trend color mixes color pastes for paint manufacturers worldwide. The stock control runs through iForks and WMS, one knows exactly the quantities of raw materials stored in the warehouse.

"This weighing method works faster than balancing and cycle-counting."


iForks makes it easy to monitor the stock

The Dutch production and distribution site of Evonik Colortrend in Maastricht, produces liquid colour pastes for paint and coatings producers worldwide. Each paint consists of several colour pigments, liquid or powdered, which are mixed according to a recipe. When producing large batches of colour paste, weight differences occur. Within a certain tolerance, small weight differences in the ingredients have no considerable influence on the final result, but in the long term, these differences have a large impact on stock control, and therefore on cost levels. Which gives Evonik good reason to monitor stocks and their consumption closely, both in storage and in production. In iForks, Evonik found an inexpensive, simple and easy to implement way of doing this.

iForks makes stock differences immediately visible 

A customer orders 100 kilos of a certain colour paste. According to the recipe, three different raw materials and pigments are needed for production. The WMS/SAP shows that all the required raw materials are in stock. Via his truck terminal, the reach truck driver has a wireless connection with the WMS. Guided by a pick order on his truck terminal, he picks the required raw materials with the reach truck. At the same moment the picked materials are weighed via iForks and the driver visually compares the real weight with the stock level in the WMS. If the weight corresponds with the theoretical stock level, the load is taken to the batching area. If the driver observes a stock difference, he enters the correct weight into the WMS. The remainder coming back from production is returned to the warehouse where it is once again weighed.