AVAG Betriebs AG weighs bulky goods with a weighing system and rotator


AVAG gets all kinds of waste delivered: metal, electronics equipment, paper and glass. These materials are processed into raw materials and partly sold to the customer. The recycled materials are invoiced by weight. AVAG has the legal obligation to provide their forklift truck with a calibrated weighing system. By using additional attachments like a rotator, it should also be possible to weigh bulky goods and transport.

"We wanted a legal for trade weighing system which could also rotate and clasp goods"

- Urs Willi, manager collection separated waste 

Recycling of glass, metal and paper

AVAG Betriebs AG is a recycling company. The waste material which AVAG collects has generally already been separated in flows. It concerns metal, electronics equipment, paper and glass. AVAG recycles this waste into raw materials which are partly sold to customers.

Payback time: within 18 months

Until recently AVAG Betriebs AG used fixed floor scales. After comparing weighing on fixed scales and weighing on a forklift, they discovered a time saving of three minutes per weighed pallet. Manager Willi: 'With 80,000 pallets processed, that means a yearly saving of more than 1,300 man hours. Our investment paid back within 18 months!'

Stamped and sturdy scales

Another positive impact: the work for forklift drivers has become more attractive. They no longer have to drive back and forth to the scales. At AVAG one is so convinced of the reliability and efficiency of this solution, that they already equipped two Hyster forklift trucks with a legal for trade RVL scale. ‘The scales on our Hyster trucks are not only stamped, they are also sturdy’, says the production manager enthusiastically.