Picking errors create unnecessary cost: lost or returned goods, stock differences, credit notes, phone calls, emails back and forth. Watch our video and see how a RAVAS scale on your order pick trucks signals picking errors and enables you to correct these errors immediately, at the pick location, with the least possible cost. Realize immediate cost savings!

Indaver extends its ravas fleet

The Belgian waste management company uses the advanced RAVAS forklift scales for weighing incoming IBC’s that contain liquid waste materials. The weight of the load that the forklifts pick up, is continuously transmitted to a coordinator’s PC, via the company’s WLAN network. From thereon the weight data are processed in their ERP system, for planning, invoicing and reporting.

RCS Overload

Vollers is a German logistic service provider specialized in the storing and distributing of coffee and cocoa in the Hamburg port. On their Hyster high capacity forklift they use “quick disconnect” forks for changing from standard 140 x 300 mm profile forks to Thinline forks of only 110 mm thickness, so they can handle 20’ sea containers. When Thinline forks are used, the RCS Overload warning system is operative. 

SOLAS method #2 and iForks

SOLAS Method #2, computing VGM container weights, has proven especially attractive to 3PLs that consolidate LCL shipments. Inbound shipments are weighed and registered on the lift truck that offloads them. The ERP calculates container weight when compiling the loading list.


CryoTechnics Cleaning Solutions uses its RAVAS-1100 to weigh dry ice, a highly volatile product. Leave a full container standing around for a week and it’ll be completely empty. So what do you do to fulfill a customer’s order for a product that slowly disappears without leaving a trace? You measure out a little extra….


Because of a number of variables inherent to the production of candy, Astra Sweets did not know the exact weight of production runs coming off the three casting lines. Discrepancies in the buffer stock of semi-finished products caused rest materials, delivery delays and additional, corrective production runs. Now RAVAS mobile weighing systems have been installed on the trucks that transport the sweets form the lines to the warehouse, and accurate production weights are communicated with the ERP system over the company’s wireless network.
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
3M-RAVAS-iForks-Proline 2100-2100L EXi


At a stone’s throw of the Port of Antwerp, 3M produces semi-finished product and raw materials for a multitude of specialised products, such as foils for the aerospace industry or surgical tape for medical applications. Since these substances...
In Gates’ DC near Gent, Belgium,  the order pick trucks are fitted with RAVAS weighing forks. The weight terminal  translates the weight increase on the forks into a number of articles picked and shows this number in the display. This helps the...
Heineken Event Services supplies events with equipment and beer. Return shipments of 1,000 liter beer tanks are weighed to determine the amount of beer left in the tanks, since customers are only invoiced for the amount of beer actually consumed...
Express Logistics & Air Freight


DHL Poland was trying to solve a problem in their internal logistics: there was no efficient solution for weighing pallet shipments. Since these “special shipments” could not be accurately invoiced, DHL was missing out on turn over. In the end...
Van Roessel-RAVAS-RWV-C
Van Roessel Drukwerkers does specialised print jobs for the multimedia market. It sometimes happened that the presses had to be stopped, because paper had run out. Nowadays incomplete deliveries are already signalled while offloading the lorry,...
Paint & coatings
Herberts-RAVAS-RAVAS 2100L EXi
At Herberts expensive circulation systems became obsolete when they changed to explosion proof hand pallet truck scales to mix the paint, moving the scale from one component to the other. Thus they work faster, are more flexible in their...
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Quaker works on demand, there is almost no stock keeping of mixed chemicals. The filling is done using explosion safe weighing pallet trucks. ‘The weighing trucks have proved to be indispensable’, says Ad van der Meij (Supervisor Maintenance)....
Logistics & Distribution
Menzies World Cargo handles all kinds of air cargo and transports the cargo back and forth to waiting airplanes at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. At the request of the carriers, Menzies weighs all incoming colli. If the actual weight is more than 10...
Waste & Recycling
AVAG gets all kinds of waste delivered: metal, electronics equipment, paper and glass. These materials are processed into raw materials and partly sold to the customer. The recycled materials are invoiced by weight. AVAG has the legal obligation...