Episode 01: Welcome to RAVAS!

Episode 1 of our RAVAS Mobile Weighing Journey. Welcome to RAVAS, home of the iForks, iCP, and mobile weighing solutions. Subscribe today, and learn about our products and follow our journey on a new episode every month.

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Episode 02: How to build a weighing hand pallet truck

Weighing hand pallet trucks is always a good investment. The hand pallet trucks are used to weigh, lift, and move capacity up to 5,000 lbs. for any industry, but how is such a useful product built? What steps are needed before the hand pallet truck can help you save time and money? See for yourself in this video!

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Episode 03: Discover the iForks-52

Feast your eyes on the newest set of RAVAS iForks, the iForks-52. Built highly durable with Bluetooth technology and WiFi, the iForks-52 is easy to install, completely wireless, and made to save you money.

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