Benefits for Logistical Companies to Use Mobile Weighing

Re-Weighing Capabilities

Measuring weight and freight density is significant for logistical companies. Freight density is used to determine a class and will be factored into the total cost of the shipment and bill lading. However, the density is usually mismeasured before reaching shipping departments.

Due to fast operating speeds in the logistical industries, LTL carriers often look for ways to re-weigh their shipments to generate a new bill of ladings which saves them money, thus generating a profit.

However, why do a lot of LTLs not take part in this procedure? Simply because it takes too long for most carriers to conduct this procedure. After weighing the product on a stationary scale, changing the bill of lading, and prepping the shipment, they risk the chance of increasing costs by getting delayed in their shipping operations.

Mobile Weighing Enhances Re-Weighing

Not taking advantage of the re-weighing procedure is where mobile weighing solutions can greatly impact logistical companies. By utilizing products like the RAVAS iCP, LTLs can weigh products accurately on the go as they load the product for shipment.

Once weighed, the data can be transferred directly to their business system and be generated to a new-revised BOL that can save them money and help generate a profit.

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Turn Costs into Profit with the iCP

Mobile Vs. Manual Weighing

Most logistical companies still utilize stationary floor scales or manual weighing capabilities. Although it ultimately gets the job accomplished, some LTLs have discovered mobile weighing solutions make them more efficient and save them money. 

Mobile weighing helps reduce time and expenses for logistical companies. For example, a medium-sized facility can cut three minutes off each weight, calculating an annual savings of 620 person-hours or over $20,000 in labor costs.

Not only does it weigh products much quicker and is easier on your operators, but mobile weighing solutions also help directly transfer data flow to your business systems, eliminating the risk of human error. As a result, many LTLs are learning it's not worth it to continue to use manual and static weighing stations. It's only a process that will continue to lose them more money. 

RAVAS Provides Mobile Weighing Technology for all types of Logistical Companies

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