Determining your Hand Pallet Jack Scale

What Application Best Suits a Pallet Jack Scale?

Mobile weighing systems such as electric pallet jacks and forklift scales are suitable for various applications in logistics and warehouses. They are efficient, portable, safe, and durable. However, what is the best applications for hand pallet jack scales? A hand pallet jack scale is best when you do not require precise requirements, such as stock control, piece counting, mixing, dosing, or checking incoming goods.

However, there are applications where a hand pallet jack scale is not the most suitable solution. For example, when you need to participate in order picking and fulfilling customer orders quickly and efficiently, an electric pallet jack scale, like the RAVAS RPW-EL, would be more suitable. Also, do you need to store the pallet at height? In this case, you would want to choose a weighing stacker instead of a pallet jack. But on the other hand, if you need to move stock and check incoming goods easily and safely, the hand pallet jack scale provides an affordable and efficient solution.

What is your consistent weight capacity of goods and transport distance?

When considering what mobile weighing scale to utilize, it is essential to consider how much weight you must carry consistently and the travel distance throughout a warehouse. For example, a hand pallet jack scale is excellent for transporting palletized goods horizontally over short distances. It is perfect for lifting and moving products under 2,000 pounds, but it can handle carrying and weighing up to 5,000 pounds. Remember that the heavier the weight, the higher the potential for more strain on your operator's body. If you regularly deal with weights greater than 2,000 pounds or move pallet goods over long distances, you may want to investigate an electric pallet jack scale, like the iJack, to suit your needs better.

It depends on the industry. Our Proline series has been developed to provide high-accuracy mobile weighing tasks, perfect for mixing, dosing, and batching applications. But there are also more basic hand pallet jack scales, like the RAVAS 100 Series and 300 Series, which allow you to utilize basic weighing functions. These units would not be considered for high-accuracy tasks. Lastly, RAVAS provides the 500 series, our most advanced unit designed for piece counting, mixing, and dosing. This unit offers an intuitive touch screen and is highly accurate.

Can Hand Pallet Jack Scales perform in hazardous environments?

Yes, but not every type of hand pallet jack scale is designed to handle fire-proof or hazardous areas. RAVAS offers the 226X, an ATEX-certified model that is designed for hazardous environments. Best suited for work in the food and pharmaceutical industries, the 226X is 100% stainless steel, built for maximum hygiene and minimum maintenance.

It is relatively simple. Time equals money; more importantly, getting fast, correct, and real-time data is critical for the logistics industry but is often difficult. RAVAS has created solutions to provide valuable data on material flows and transfer the data to business software platforms. How? Through our data communication and mobile weighing systems.

The hand pallet jack scales work with ERP and warehouse management systems to record, collect, and distribute real-time data. Connected through RAVAS data communications, pallet jack scales transfer data to a business system via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cabling. Depending on your needs regarding data processing and data management, several options are available.

Can you invoice customers based on weight?

To be able to invoice your customers based on weight is essential for the material handling and logistical industry, especially when you use a calibrated weighing system. All RAVAS hand pallet jack scales are available with NTEP (Legal for Trade) certification.

Depending on your specific situation, various additional options are available. For example, if you want to connect a printer or a barcode scanner with your mobile weighing systems? RAVAS mobile weighing solutions will consistently work to meet all your requirements, especially when it comes to our hand pallet jack scales. If you are looking for a mobile weighing system to handle light loads, travel short distances, gather information quickly, and generate real-time data, hand pallet jack scales will work best for you.

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