Meet the RAVAS iJack

An Innovative Solution for Warehouse Logistics

With most warehousing and logistics environments generating revenue mainly from the weight of commodities purchased or shipped, choosing the right weighing scale system is vital and invaluable. Making that decision is of even greater significance, especially when deciding on multi-purpose scales that can deliver more value than a typical weighing scale. RAVAS USA has invested a lot of time in developing a product that can not only meet but exceed expectations in the supply chain & logistics industry.


Meet the RAVAS iJack!


The iJack is the largest weighing electronic pallet jack on the market, with the ability to weigh, lift, and move products up to 4,000 lbs. In addition, it captures weight while on the go, eliminating the need to use a floor scale or a hand pallet jack scale which is not as ergonomic, can't handle tight aisles, and won't carry as much weight. Instead, the iJack determines shipping weights while the load is lifted and transmits all relevant logistics data wirelessly with a truck terminal or warehouse management system – all while in motion.


Only One on the Market

The revolutionary iJack is the biggest electric pallet jack scale on the market. Built with a lithium-ion battery, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology, the iJack is the ideal equipment for maximum productivity & value. In addition, it is the only weighing electric jack on the market.

 The RAVAS iJack provides four critical components in improving your warehouse logistics.

  1. Weight Capture – Gone are the days of lifting, moving, and weighing loads multiple times on a floor scale or needing a scale to try and fit in a tight space to weigh the product. It is built to navigate tight corners and aisles to move the product while capturing weight while on the go; the iJack is the most dependable electric pallet scale on the market.
  2. Wireless Data Communication - The iJack captures weight data wirelessly and in real-time with a built-in scale that is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth developed. The scale transmits the weight data and directly transfers the data into your ERP business system. It's also fit to transfer data through the RAVAS WeightsApp, which you can use to connect all your equipment and share data back and forth from the warehouse to your system in seconds.
  3. Save Time & Money – How much money can you generate if you weigh the product 50% faster? That's what the iJack can do for you. Not only does it operate as an electric pallet jack, but with a built-in scale, the iJack weighs loads while on the go and transfers the data in real-time to your business system. Thus, reducing lost time in the warehouse and giving back proper value to your business and warehouse operations. 
  4. Lifting Capacity – The iJack comes in two forms: a 2,600 lb. unit and a 4,000 lb. unit. With the ability to lift to 4,000 lbs. the iJack is a perfect fit for larger heavy-duty industrial warehouses and can fit retail and commercial flooring.

Why Use the iJack

Typically, manual, and electric-powered pallet jacks are used to load and unload trucks throughout a warehouse. However, electric pallet jacks are specially used for horizontal transport through warehouses. The iJack carries all the capabilities of an electric pallet jack, but why use the iJack instead?

For decades the only way companies could weigh products, loads, and stock for their warehouse was through weighing floor scales. Then as technology advanced, companies like RAVAS created the first-ever mobile weighing scales. Mobile Weighing scales are built-in scales within material handling equipment (hand pallet jacks, forklifts, and attachment scales) that weigh on the move. These scales allowed companies to get more efficient, quicker, and save money for their warehouse.

Now, behold the next step in mobile weighing technology, the iJack. The weighing electric pallet jack scale combines weighing technology with all the other features of your top-electric pallet jack equipment. Not only can it load and unload warehouses, move stock, handle appliances, transport goods, all while being able to weigh on the go, but it's also built with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology already. There is no extra surcharge.

The iJack is multi-functional for industrial use. Along with its weighing capabilities, it also is equipped with the RAVAS Weights App and an optional printer to print out a label with the calculated data. As a result, the iJack is ideal for lift-gate delivery fees, store deliveries, retail, commercial flooring, and heavy-duty warehouse applications.

At RAVAS, we strive to help make your logistical process more straightforward and better. In addition, we strive for ultimate efficiency. The iJack combines all our core values into one product. In one operation, the iJack allows operators to offload products from a trailer, capture the weight of the load, share the real-time data wirelessly, and rinse and repeat, cutting downtime in half. So, it's time for your team to meet the iJack, the smartest, fastest, and strongest electric pallet jack on the market.

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