Forklift warning system for forklift trucks

Weight and stability indication

Load and stability in one display

A LED bar below the weight display goes from green (safe), via yellow, to red to indicate a potential risk of tipping over. The color of the display changes accordingly. A fork in the weight display is divided in three segments, one of them blinking to indicate the load center position on the forks.

Logging lifting events

The indicator of the RAVAS SafeLoad has a built-in data logging function. It automatically records every single lifting event over time. The data can be downloaded via Bluetooth connection and provides information on the truck's safety and efficiency for fleet management.

Active load diagram

The RAVAS SafeLoad acts as an active load diagram: it calculates with weight, load center point, and mast tilt, in order to decide whether a load is lifted safely in the current situation.


The RAVAS-SafeLoad is an aftermarket product for trucks that can be retro-fitted on any make and model counterbalanced forklift truck.

Equal to the lifting capacity of the truck
50 kg steps, for trucks with Q-max 2,500 kg
System tolerance
System tolerance weighing: 2% of system capacity, system tolerance load control: +/- 5%
LCD, 2 color backlight
Protection class

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