Forklift Scales

Maximize efficiency and be aware of the weight of your load with the help of RAVAS forklift scales. At RAVAS, we are innovators of the following attachments that correspond with forklift weighing scales. RAVAS offers a complete range of forklift truck scales with easy-to-install solutions for any mobile weighing need. In addition, check our range of iForks, hydraulic truck scales, and carriage plates.

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Forklift Scales

iCP (Intelligent Carriage Plate)

The iCP is a smart carriage plate scale designed to weigh products on the go while providing forklifts the function to be compatible with several different types of attachments. With efficient solutions to get through long days of rigorous workplace activity, the iCP will save you time and money.


The innovative iCP comes equipped with Bluetooth technology that integrates with the operator’s business system. Additionally, the iCP has been carefully designed to work with various forklift attachments like clamps and fork positioners.

What makes the iCP so inventive is that it requires no forklift modifications, allowing you and your personnel to accomplish more throughout the day.

iForks (Intelligent Forks)

iForks are smart fork attachments designed with Bluetooth connectivity to measure and weigh various products while on the go. iForks measure, weigh, and transfer real-time data to the operator’s business system in seconds. We supply several versions of iForks suitable for use with any forklift brand.

  • iForks-32
  • iForks-52
  • iForks RWV-C

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