Designed for Stacker Trucks


The RAVAS RPW ST is a scale designed for electric stacker forklifts. Its best used for filling, mixing, or checking the weight of product in a warehouse or production.

RPW ST scale

Retrofit or factory fit

The RPW ST scale can be equipped on electric stacker forklifts. The forks are mechanically modified to mount the scale components with only 5 mm of added fork height. A scale indicator of your choice shows the forks' weight and communicates with a truck terminal or warehouse management system if desired.

Retrofit and factory fit



The frame is entirely adapted to enable built-in load cells. The fork shoes are screwed onto the load cells, and the installation is easy without any moving parts and full protection of load cells and cables.


The indicator and the optional peripheral equipment are mounted so that they enable a good reading and, at the same time, do not hinder the operation of the electric stacker truck.

Equalizes the lifting capacity of the truck
Graduation multirange
0.5 kg at 500 kg; 1 kg at Q-max
Scale tolerance
0.1% of the load lifted
Protection class
Load cells IP67, indicator IP65
Power supply
From truck battery

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