Requirements / Skills

The Customer Service Representative Americas will be responsible for inside sales activities and product support of all RAVAS product lines while coordinating with other departments and flexed among teams during sales activities or in response to urgent and non-urgent incident resolution triage.

* Responsible for the successful consumer experience and support of the dealer environment and all applications in that environment.
* Supporting and working with Outside sales, support team and ensuring a reliable process that meets the client's needs.
* Prioritizing cases and ensuring incidents are completed in a timely and high-quality manner
*The CSR shall be accountable for updating CRM data, supplying reports, product support activities, or data analysis at the sales manager's request or supplementing the Sales group.
* Report results and organize documents for use by sales management, as results may ultimately be shown to dealers or customers.
* Create reports for sales management that help analyze the thruput of activity in the functional areas, such as call center, claims processing, quote activities, etc.
* Work effectively with customer service in a team-oriented environment.
* Report on the health of consumer support systems and get visibility into influencing factors.
* Participate in cross-functional delivery of complex projects involving internal and external teams.
* Ensure commitments are achieved in an agreed time, and quality provides quality metrics.
* Develop an effective partnership with management, as well as internal and external stakeholders.

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