Ravas on the Road

Our technical and commercial advisors are pleased to visit you. From their ultramodern vans they can advise you and demonstrate products at your site. Also, repairs can be carried out on the spot.

RAVAS on the road

On board their vans there’s a small office with an online connection to RAVAS’ Global Support team in The Netherlands, allowing them to send an offer or order directly to Global Support. This way you will have your quotation or order confirmation in no time.

'Just around the corner'

Local presence for sales and service support is the logical expectation of our customers nowadays. Operating only from an office is no longer the mode. Thanks to RAVAS on the Road our field engineers can be at your doorstep within a few hours for a repair or product demonstration. The beauty of this concept is that we do not invest in buildings, but we invest in the relationship with our customers. Then we are just around the corner for every customer. And when demand increases we can easily expand our team and narrow their regions. Thanks to RAVAS on the Road we expect significant growth together with our customers.