Maintenance extends the life of your weighing system

At RAVAS every week we receive systems in our Service department which are over a decade old. We love to see that our quality lasts for so many years and that our customers enjoy working with it for a very long time. And those customers, who treat their equipment with care, benefit the most from their investments in RAVAS scales. They underline the importance of maintenance in order to keep their tools in good shape.

Timely maintenance is important to ensure the quality of your RAVAS mobile weighing system. We offer a range of contracts for maintenance. Depending on the type of scale you use and your budget there is always a contract that fits your needs. Our Service department can help you on this.

By maintaining your scale well you can: 

  • Prevent incorrect weight data. Incorrect weight information can result in quality problems.
  • Minimize down time. In a continuous process it is important that your equipment works well. You don’t want to be missing out on your mobile scale when you need it.
  • Extend the lifetime of your RAVAS system.

We offer expertise, proximity and responsiveness. Either immediately from our Service Desk or via one of our Technical Commercial advisors in the field.