Hand pallet truck with extended scale functions, optionally OIML approved for commercial weighing, Li-ion rechargeable battery pack optionally available.

Extended scale functions and a range of options

The RAVAS-3200 is the mid-range solution for weighing on hand pallet trucks. The high accuracy (max. tolerance 0,1% of the load on the forks) makes it suitable for use in both production environments (e.g. mixing and batching) and warehouses. Optionally, this hand pallet truck scale can be OIML approved for commercial transactions: this allows you to invoice your customer by weight. Another option is to have it equipped with a built-in printer that prints weights, totals, a numerical ID code (e.g. article or order number) and date/time.

Your choice of pallet trucks, standard or Lithium ion powered

The RAVAS-3200 can be powered by a standard lead acid battery pack, giving you 30 hours of use, or by a Li-ion battery pack (RAVAS-3200 Li). This Li-ion battery pack will give you 75 real working hours before recharging is required. Both battery models can be taken out and charged on a separate charger. You also have a choice of pallet trucks: a basic model (RAVAS-3200-F) or a Jungheinrich model (RAVAS-3200-J).

Easy connectivity: the RAVAS WeightsApp

The 3200 indicator has a Bluetooth 4.0 chip on the board. If you download our free WeightsApp from Google Play or the App Store, you can connect your smart phone or tablet to the RAVAS scale, record the weight in an Excel file on your device, add any extra info you want to save, and e-mail the resulting data file to your organization for processing.

Connect direct to your WMS or ERP system

For more advanced connectivity, a Bluetooth or WiFi module can be added to the scale indicator. This will allow direct communication with your WMS or ERP system, via a handheld terminal (Bluetooth), or over your own wireless network (WiFi). Or the scale can push the data out over your wireless network to a PC where the RAVAS DATA COLLECTOR (RDC) software is installed.

Feel free to ask our advice on which option fits you best!