RAVAS-2100 XT | Ultra Low Weighing Hand Pallet Truck

RAVAS 2100 XT is the low version of the RAVAS 2100 weighing hand pallet truck: fork height is only 65mm

RAVAS-2100 XT  : reduced fork height for weighing low pallets and containers

RAVAS-2100 XT  is a version of the RAVAS 2100 weighing hand pallet truck with a reduced fork height of only 65mm. This makes it much easier to enter into low or damaged pallets and to pick up containers with narrow openings. 

The RAVAS-2100 weighs up to 200 kg in steps of 200 gr. Suitable for all accurate check weighing.

Weighing hand pallet trucks

Gross/net weighing, zero correction and an adding memory for calculating the total weight per shipment or order. The high quality pallet truck is standard equipped with a quicklift pump and chromium-plated axles and bearings.

All kinds of accurate weighing

The low own weight makes the pallet truck easy to operate and ergonomically attractive. If a printer is installed, both separate weights and total weight are printed on the ticket. Many options are available: legal for trade versions, explosion proof with ATEX certificate, stainless steel, etc. The RAVAS-2100 is meant for all kinds of accurate check weighing, such as checking incoming goods, determining shipping weights, preventing overloading of lorries and filling of drums, containers and big bags.

Standard specifications

Weighing capacity: 1500 kg

0 - 200 kg: graduation 0,2 kg
200 - 500 kg: graduation 0,5 kg
500 – 1500 kg: graduation 1 kg