RAVAS-1 | Pallet Truck Scale

An ideal entry model for anyone who wants to experience the advantages of mobile weighing.

Our entry model weighing hand pallet truck is fitted with a compact indicator for quick and easy weight checks. It works on two AA batteries and is your ideal partner for checking the weight of any pallet, container, etc. etc..

Accurate and solid

The RAVAS-1 features the LIST-concept, first introduced in 2004. LIST, Load Indication System, is the RAVAS owned patented principle of an indicative weighing system mounted on a standard pallet truck. In other RAVAS pallet truck scales parts are mounted in the pallet truck forks. Since there are no components installed in the forks of a RAVAS-1, the pallet truck scale is virtually indestructible. This also makes it suitable for very rough applications. There are no changes at all to the pallet truck forks, which retain their original dimensions. This guarantees easy entrance into low or closed pallets.

Hand pallet truck with load indication

Whenever a load is lifted with a pallet truck the chassis bends and deforms, as a result the RAVAS-1 knows the weight of the load on the pallet truck by measuring this deformation. The measurement is calculated by a sensor on the head of the chassis. The indicator of the RAVAS-1 translates this into a weight. The indicator shows the weight in 5 kg steps, with a tolerance of ± 20 kg. The maximum lifting capacity is 2,200 kg.

General check weighing

The RAVAS-1 is meant for general check weighing, at goods reception, when determining shipping weights, for preventing overloads and for safety checks. Since there are no components installed in the forks, the pallet truck scale is virtually indestructible. This also makes it suitable for very rough applications, e.g. in production areas or on board lorries.

Efficient indicator, compact disign

The indicator’s professional design follows the lines of the pallet truck chassis and therefore it has no projecting parts. There’s a metal cover behind the indicator protecting it from shocks and impacts caused by an extending load or a load accidentally dropping off a pallet. The indicator has only two buttons for easy use of the system.

Very user friendly thanks to the electronic height sensor

For most accurate weighing, each weighing needs to be done at a predefined lifting height. This means that one needs to lift the load to a fixed height from the ground. The RAVAS-1 has an integrated electronic height sensor which tells the indicator when the lifting height is reached. An ideal aid for accurate use of the weighing system. Via the indicator display the operator is shown when the load is lifted high enough and he can read the weight.

Totalling function

The totalling function enables the accumulation of multiple weights and to store these in the indicator's memory. The indicator can add the displayed weight to the memory and accordingly it shows the total number of accumulated weights and the total weight. The “M”-sign appears in the display as a sign that the memory is active.

Overload - Alert in the display

When the pallet trucks is charged with a load heavier than the maximum capacity of 2,200 kg the indicator shows an overload alert in the display. The system is then overloaded and the load needs to be removed (partially).

Two batteries, great operating time

Just 2 AA-batteries power the RAVAS-1. The electronics are so efficient it only needs two AA-batteries. The autonomy of the system is 150 hours. In practice, based on 10 weighings per day, this means at least one year of operating time on two batteries, without replacing them. To save energy the indicator automatically switches off when the indicator buttons or the weighing system haven’t been used for two minutes. Replacing the batteries is very easy. On the front of the indicator is a small cover, behind which the batteries are. By removing just one screw the cover can be removed, reaching the batteries. Now the batteries can be taken out and replaced.