ProLine Touch | Hand pallet truck scale

The ProLine Touch is the first pallet truck scale equipped with a touch screen indicator. It weighs loads in 100 gram increments.
ProLine Touch

The ProLine Touch is the first pallet truck scale equipped with a touch screen indicator. It weighs loads in 100 gram increments. The ProLine Touch is suited for use in the food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in parts supply chains, postal companies and banks.

Touch screen weight indicator

The high accuracy of the pallet truck scale is achieved through the use of patented Flexi-pins which absorb torque forces exerted on the forks. This technique assures; that a load on the forks is transferred onto the load cells undistorted and therefore can be measured with high accuracy. That's why ProLine Touch weighs loads in 100 gram increments.

Offers different scale apps

The touch screen indicator has a programmable user interface, offering optimal user friendliness. The touch screen leads the user through the application in a clear and unequivocal way. Different scale applications can be called up over the touch screen. The display only shows those keys which are relevant to the application being used at any given moment. The indicator has a USB port for data capture (e.g. on a USB stick) and can communicate with WMS or ERP software programs via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Multirange graduation 

The ProLine Touch indicator offers the following multi-range graduation:

  • 100 gram from 0 to 200 kg
  • 200 gram from 200 to 400 kg
  • 500 gram from 400 to 2,000 kg.

In legal for trade version the maximum capacity is limited to 1,500 kg. The multi-range graduation of legal for trade versions is also guaranteed at annual re-verifications.

Shock absorbers take the blows 

The ProLine is built on a high quality pallet truck chassis. The 'shock absorbers' in the fork tips take the blow in case of front impacts, protecting the scale components. This technique guarantees a stable accuracy over longer periods of time, less maintenance and lower cost of ownership.

15 hours of battery life

The professional battery packs are exchangeable and rechargeable. They guarantee up to 15 hours of use.

Also available in stainless steel  

ProLine Touch is the flagship in the series, but ProLine also features the classic RAVAS indicators: types 2100, 2100 EXi, 6100 and 6100s. ProLine pallet truck scales are also available in premium quality stainless steel and in explosion proof version for use in hazardous environments.