Forklift truck scales - iForks XT

iForks XT is the low version of iForks: fork height is only 45mm.

iForks XT: reduced fork height for weighing low pallets and containers

iForks XT is a version of the successful iForks with a reduced fork height of only 45mm. This makes it much easier to enter into low or damaged pallets and to pick up containers with low openings. iForks XT is available with a 2500kg capacity and a multi-range display graduation of 1kg / 2kg. Optionally it can be supplied in legal for trade version and with weight data communication.

Completely wireless, installed in 5 minutes

Just as standard iForks, iForks XT is completely wireless. Each scale fork communicates the weight lifted with the indicator in the cabin via Bluetooth. The weighing system is powered by robust, exchangeable and rechargeable battery modules. The iForks weight indicator in the cabin shows the weight of the load on the forks and offers a complete range of weighing functions: gross/net weighing, total weight per shipment, code entry, date/time registration, and piece counting.

Fork dimensions

Fork height of iForks XT is only 45mm. To compensate for this reduced height, the fork width is 150mm. iForks XT is available in FEM 2A and FEM 2B.

Data communication

The indicator can provide weight data transfer to a printer, a data terminal, or directly to a WMS or ERP system.