Electric pallet trucks and order picking trucks | RPW EL

A perfect scale for electric pallet trucks and order pickers, that weighs instantly and reduces order picking errors.

All brands of electric pallet trucks and order picking trucks can be equipped with the RPW EL scale. The fork construction of the truck is mechanically modified, in order to mount the scale components with only 5 mm of added fork height. A scale indicator of your choice shows the weight on the forks and communicates with a truck terminal or warehouse management system if desired. Every load lifted is instantly weighed.

Description of the electric pallet truck

The construction of the weighing system consists of two parts. The frame is entirely adapted to enable load cells to be built in. The fork shoes are bolted onto the load cells. Installation without any moving parts guarantees the weighing system's solidity. The fork shoe is mounted onto the enforced forks. The load cells and cables are fully protected. The indicator and the optional peripheral equipment are mounted thus that they enable a good reading and at the same time do not hinder the operation of the electric pallet truck.

Preventing order picking errors

For checking incoming goods while offloading lorries, for preventing errors in order picking, for determining shipping weights, and for preventing the overloading of lorries.

RPW-EL double scale for double lenght order picking trucks

The RPW-EL double scale is meant for order picking trucks with double fork length for carrying two pallets, picking two orders in one run through the warehouse. For preventing picking errors, each of the two pallets is weighed separately, each on its own scale. This allows the WMS to check the weight of each order line, checking for picking errors, but also to check whether the articles have been added to the correct pallet. The two scale indicators are interrogated separately by the WMS. The WMS checks whether the actual weight of the articles added to the pallet corresponds with the theoretical weight of the articles in the order line. If it does not, a picking error is signaled and the operator is asked to correct it. Errors are corrected where it costs the least: at the picking slot.

Accurate to 100 gram

The double scale order picker is accurate to 100 gram, thanks to the patented FlexBolts that absorb longitudinal and torque forces. This technology ensures that a load on the forks is optimally transferred onto the load cell sensors and therefore measured as accurately as possible.