Mobile weighing: saving time, space and money

Mobile weighing systems are scales integrated in hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, stackers, order picking trucks, reach trucks and forklift trucks. With mobile scales you weigh during transport, so you save time, space and manpower. You weigh where you want, so you are flexible in your logistics. A mobile scale earns itself back within a short period of time.


Mobile weighing is a highly efficient way to stay ahead in the business you are in, RAVAS' mobile weighing systems will help you improve logistics and production processes, performance and efficiency, reducing costs at the same time.

Save time, money and manpower with mobile scales

With a RAVAS mobile scale on your pallet truck or forklift truck you do two things at the same time: transporting and weighing. You immediately know the weight of every pallet lifted. It's no longer necessary to drive back and forth to a fixed floor scale with every pallet or container. So you save time and manpower and you improve the efficiency of your intra-logistics.
A mobile weighing system allows you to weigh where you want and when you want, wherever your logistics makes it efficient or attractive. You are no longer stuck to a fixed floor scale, that needs to be moved when your in-house logistics change.
A mobile weighing system even allows weight checks in new scale applications. Take order picking as an example. Mobile scales are an effective tool to prevent picking errors. A mobile scale integrated in an order picking truck checks the weight of every single order line and allows you to correct errors where it costs the least: at the picking slot.

Mobile scales make your in-house logistics cheaper and more efficient. Mobile weighing is a problem solving tool and a cost saving tool.

"iForks result in a higher service level to our clients and more efficient operations. Mobile weighing will be implemented in all of DSC Logistics distribution centers, checking both picking and shipping processes." 

Jim Chamberlain, Senior Director (DSC Logistics - Des Plaines, USA)

Full return on initial investment within months

Mobile scales create immediate cost savings. Complete return on investment is usually achieved within months.
Suppose that in your shipping department you weigh an average four pallets per hour. By doing that on the hand pallet truck on which you handle the pallets anyway, you quickly save a minute and a half per pallet weighed. That means a daily saving of 48 minutes, or 200 man hours per year. If a man hour costs 25 euro, you save 5,000 euro per year, and the weighing hand pallet truck will have earned itself back within three months.

"The RAVAS weighing systems gave us complete return on investment within three months."

Deputy director Piotr Halamski (DHL - Poznan, Poland)

Integrating material flows and information flows

Next to their basic function of material handling equipment, forklifts and warehouse trucks are turning into platforms for generating real-time information on material flows. Materials are identified, weighed, dimensioned, photographed, and all this data is exchanged with WMS or ERP systems via truck terminals and wireless networks.

This information, made available to the proper people and software platforms in real time, allows an organization to improve its efficiency and lower its cost. Mobile scales allow integration of weight information where it's most productive: on the lift truck.
All RAVAS scales provide optimal connectivity: via Bluetooth to PDA's or truck terminals, via WiFi to existing wireless networks. Our UniMobile software suite is designed to facilitate communication with RAVAS scales and to make data transfer easy and user friendly.

'The RAVAS mobile scales integrated in our WLAN system, speed up our production time significantly. This means that our trailers can leave earlier from our DC to supply our nineteen stores, enabling us to supply even our remote stores early in the morning so that they, in turn, can supply the local hotels with fresh foodstuff. This gives us extra commercial possibilities.' 

Operations manager Victor Ghiurea (Metro - Bucharest, Romania)