Indaver extends its RAVAS fleet with four more iForks Touch units

The Belgian waste management company uses the advanced RAVAS forklift scales for weighing incoming IBC’s that contain liquid waste materials. The weight of the load that the forklifts pick up, is continuously transmitted to a coordinator’s PC, via the company’s WLAN network. From thereon the weight data are processed in their ERP system, for planning, invoicing and reporting.

Total Waste Management

Indaver offers total waste management services to companies producing industrial waste. Waste materials are collected, re-used, recycled, or processed for energy production. Indaver advertises itself as gatekeeper and enabler of the new circular economy. All services are offered on a contract basis, and Indaver’s client base is growing, reason to expend their mobile weighing fleet with four more lift truck scales.

Legal for trade

Processing waste is invoiced based on material type and weight. Which is why the forklift scales at Indaver are certified legal for trade, suitable for commercial transactions. Incoming IBC containers with liquid waste materials are instantly weighed on the forklifts that offload them. The lift truck drivers see the weight of the IBC in their touch display, but the information is also continuously transmitted over the company’s wireless network, to a coordinator’s PC that overlooks the work floor.

ERP system

The weight data collected on the forklift trucks are also instantly available to Indaver’s ERP system. There the material weights are used for planning the processing of the incoming waste materials, but also for invoicing the client where the industrial waste was collected. There’s also a third use for the data: all waste flows are monitored, the amounts of resulting materials and energy produced are carefully logged and reported in durability reports.

Waste processing is a high intensity industry, putting great strain on forklifts and associated equipment. The RAVAS iForks Touch scales in use at Indaver are of the “heavy duty” type: extra load cell sensors in the forks, thicker fork covers to prevent damage or bending, and thicker plating on the fork shanks. At Indaver, iForks Touch is ready to handle anything….

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