Come see our Next generation iForks, Pick by Weight and RAVAS-SafeLoad and learn more about MOBILE WEIGHING 4.0

RAVAS_CeMAT2018_Mobile Weighing 4.0

At the CeMAT stand, RAVAS will focus on new products, order picking and forklift safety. Center piece on the stand will be the next generation of the successful iForks, with surprising new features. Then there’s RCS Hy-Q-52, the hydraulic scale for forklifts, now with all-new touch screen indicator 5200. 

Errors in order picking mean unnecessary cost. RAVAS will show how weighing scales built into the forks of an order pick truck help you to realize immediate cost savings by eliminating picking errors. Now with ScanWatch!

RAVAS-SafeLoad is a safety product for forklifts that provides both weight and stability information and acts like an interactive load diagram that warns the lift truck driver in case of unsafe lifting.

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iForks-32: next generation iForks

iForks, the hugely successful RAVAS scale forks, are moving into their next generation. The upgraded 3200 driver display offers attractive new features. iForks-32 looks leaner than its predecessor: all scale components on the forks, including batteries, are now hidden below and behind the fork shoe. The changes leave no external components on the fork shank, making iForks-32 even more easy to fit onto fork positioners. The 3200 weight indicator offers automatic tilt compensation and automatically logs tip loads and overload events. Bluetooth 4.0 is a standard feature on the 3200, providing connectivity to PDA’s, tablets and smart phones. A RAVAS app is available from Google Play and the App store. 

RCS Hy-Q-52: with 5200 touch screen display

This highly intuitive touch screen indicator only shows those function keys that are relevant to the ongoing operation of the scale. The 5200 indicator comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and with an app to collect the data. The user friendly 5200 instrument makes calibration easy by guiding the technician through the procedure.

Pick by Weight: RAVAS mobile scales on order pick trucks signal picking errors

A RAVAS weighing scale built into the forks of an order pick truck allows you to check each individual pick on-line. Picking errors are signaled instantly and corrected on the spot, where the cost is lowest, before the picker moves on to his next pick location. Now with ScanWatch, a wrist device with integrated bar code scanner, to send the picker his order lines, including a picture of the SKU to be picked. Realise immediate cost savings in your picking operation with RAVAS Pick by Weight!

RAVAS-SafeLoad:  both weight and stability info on forklift trucks

The RAVAS-SafeLoad is a safety product that can be installed on any make and model forklift truck. It functions as an interactive load diagram that continuously advises the driver about the stability of his truck in the current lifting situation, and warns him when the lifting is considered unsafe. No more tipping over or breaking forks.

All this and much more at the RAVAS stand at the CeMAT show:  Hall 26, Stand D15. Fill out the form and get your free tickets now!