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RAVAS is the forklift weighing scales and systems manufacturer and distributor you are looking for. Since the 1980’s, we have been a pioneer in the field of forklift weighing systems. Since then, our company has grown to be the world leading manufacturer of these forklift weighing scales and we currently have a European market share of 65%. It is possible to encounter our products under private label and many different OEM liveries, as well as under the RAVAS brand. To keep up with the evolving market, we continuously develop new techniques to deliver our customers high-quality products and services and to offer them not only forklift weighing systems, but also more safety.

The advantages of our forklift weighing scales and systems

Our forklift weighing systems and scales are a highly efficient way to stay ahead in your business. They will help you improve your production processes, while reducing costs at the same time. With integrated weighing scales on you forklift, you can weigh and transport pallets at the same time. You will no longer need to drive back and forth between pallets and a fixed floor scale. In that way, you can save money, time, space and manpower. Your forklift safety will also increase and you will earn the weighing systems back within a short period of time. We offer a wide range of forklift weighing systems, like the:

  • iForks Economy 2.0; ideal for checking inbound and outbound goods
  • iForks: with weight data communication and extended scale functions
  • iForks XT: the iForks with a reduced fork height
  • iForks Touch: a wireless scale fork with touchscreen display

Forklift safety devices

We also offer you some forklift safety devices. The RAVAS-SafeCheck for example, has a buzzer alarm that sounds whenever the load on the forks exceeds a pre-set limit. In this way, it is easier for the driver to avoid potentially dangerous situation and the forklift safety is improved. The RAVAS-SafeLoad helps the driver to prevent injuries, damages and accidents, for example because of tipping forklifts or breaking forks. Do you want to know more about our high-quality products, or do you want to purchase our forklift weighing systems or scales? Then please send us a quotation request. We are more than happy to help you find the best forklift weighing scales and systems for your company. For more information about our products and services, you are free to contact us. You can do this by calling +31 (0)418 515 220.

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