food bank rotterdam uses ravas hand pallet truck scale for distribution of food packages

Twenty-six food banks are supplied with products out of the Rotterdam DC. How to ensure that all these food banks receive the same amount of food and beverages? With a RAVAS-1100 hand pallet truck scale! Food Bank Rotterdam uses a fixed allocation formula. The food is divided equally among the 26 food banks, based on weight.

hand pallet truck with scale

RAVAS-1100 hand pallet truck scales

The RAVAS-1100 handpallet truck scale is the perfect solution for those who perform check weighing many times per day, e.g. for determining shipping weights on transport documents, or for checking incoming goods. Weights are shown in 1 kg increments.

Food bank

More than a million people in the Netherlands live below the poverty line. The food banks help the poorest people by temporarily providing them with food packages. Every week the food bank collects donated food items which are then distributed among the food banks in the region. Through the efforts of 130 volunteers, Food Bank Rotterdam ensures that the weekly food packages are given to families and individuals who are not able to adequately meet their primary food needs.

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