Error free order picking: Pick by weight & ScanWatch

Error free order picking: Pick by weight & Scanwatch


RAVAS and Logitrade have combined their product offering in this unique Pick by Weight combination.

Logitrade’s LogiAction order pick system uses the ScanWatch, a wrist device with integrated bar code scanner, to send the picker his order lines, including a picture of the SKU to be picked. The weight registration of the RAVAS scale in the order pick truck triggers an error message on the ScanWatch when the wrong number of articles is picked. Picking errors are corrected while still  at the pick location, where cost for correction is the lowest!


Works on every brand & model truck

Every order pick truck can become a mobile scale. Every brand and model order pick truck can be equipped with a RAVAS scale. Scale components are integrated in the forks, a weight display shows the weight of the lifted load, and a wireless connection provide connectivity with your LogiAction and your WMS or ERP system.

Works easy...

Totally visual directed picking with a very short learning curve for new operators. Articles will be scanned by the integrated scanner and on the screen you can see an image of the SKU you need to select. These pictures need to be stored in LogiAction on the server.

LogiAction is the central processing application on your server which receives the pick order from your WMS and after the pick job, a comprehensive report is sent back to the WMS where further processing.

This makes the integration of mobile weighing for order picking applications an easy job for the WMS supplier, they only need to make sure to send the right export data to the LogiAction application and take care of reading the reports from LogiAction.