Connectivity in your warehouse? RAVAS Connect Me

Wireless communication between mobile weighing systems and smartphones, tablets or network PCs. Discover the benefits of RAVAS Connect Me.

Get smart with RAVAS Connect Me

How much time and money would you save...

  • if stock discrepancies came to light immediately, rather than only after production comes to a standstill?
  • if you knew how much waste you were generating during the production process? 
  • if order picking errors were a thing of the past?
  • if you always sent exactly the right amount of goods?
  • if there were no longer any risk of overloaded forklift trucks?

Join those who have already made the transition to Industry 4.0 and make your internal logistics smarter and more efficient through sophisticated connectivity.

RAVAS Connect Me offers solutions for more efficient warehouse management, smarter shipping and more streamlined production. From a handy app to complete integration with your Warehouse Management System or ERP system.

It all begins with smart mobile weighing systems...

RAVAS produces weighing systems that are built into the forks of warehouse trucks and forklift trucks – tools that save you lots of time.
And it goes without saying that you want to take maximum advantage of the data you collect. For example, for process control and optimisation, quality management, tracking & tracing, benchmarking and management information. Our mobile weighing systems have WiFi and Bluetooth, so they can communicate with smartphones, tablets and network PCs.

…and our practical connectivity tools make the package complete

RAVAS has developed software that allows you to optimally utilize the data the weighing forklifts collect:

RAVAS WeightsApp

RAVAS WeightsApp is the handy mobile app from RAVAS, a low-cost solution for collecting and sending weighing data.

The app stores the weighed gross weights, along with tare weight, product code, date & time and ID of the device or operator. You can review that data whenever you want. You can also send it to any email address as a CSV file, after which it can be imported in a spreadsheet program on a PC.

Resolve faults faster
With WeightsApp you can download a log file from the RAVAS indicator and send it to us as a CSV file. When a fault occurs, this gives us faster insight into the causes, enabling us to resolve the problem quicker, and sometimes even using remote access. This saves you time and expense! 

Besides that, the app is also just really handy for reading out measurement results. Ideal in every situation where you are too far from the indicator.

The RAVAS WeightsAPP is a free app for smartphones and tablets. It is available for both Android and iOS (Apple) and can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store. You can use the app in combination with the new RAVAS indicators 3200 and 5200, both of which feature Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) data output as standard.

RAVAS RDC Data Collector - send weighing data to your PC via WLAN

With the RAVAS RDC software, in combination with RAVAS indicators 3200 and 5200, you collect the data from your mobile weighing system effortlessly and securely on a network PC. 

The software generates a CSV file with gross, net and tare weights, product ID, date & time and scale ID.

The RAVAS 3200 and 5200 indicators can be equipped with a WLAN module, using the RDC protocol. With a press of the PRINT key on these indicators you send all the data from a weighing directly to the PC with the RDC software.

These indicators also include a buffer where weighings can be temporarily stored – handy if the weighing system is temporarily out of range of the WLAN. The 3200 can store up to 8 weighings locally, and the 5200 has a buffer for up to 800 weighings. In addition, the RDC software allows you to retrieve a log file in which you can see when an indicator was started.

Weighing data can also be viewed on a tablet
The information that RAVAS RDC collects can be accessed not only on the network PC but also on a tablet or other smart device via the web browser and WLAN.

RAVAS RDC runs under Windows and uses the WLAN in the warehouse to collect data from the indicators of the weighing system. The RAVAS RDS software is delivered with a licence key for a one-time payment.

RAVAS Integration Server (RIS) – integration of mobile weighing system with WMS/ERP

Want to truly get the most out of your weighing data? Then choose RIS for complete integration of your mobile weighing system with your WMS/ERP system. RIS allows you to establish two-way communication between RAVAS mobile weighing systems in a warehouse via a WLAN to any WMS/ERP system. This enables you to efficiently make optimal use of weighing data.

You can install and configure it yourself

Integration of this kind is, of course, customization work, but with RIS everything has been made as simple as possible. The installation can be performed locally by your own software expert, optionally with remote support from RAVAS. Setting up the integration requires no complex programming at the ASCII character level. RIS makes use of RESTful APIs, and therefore browser commands are all you need. This means you can do a lot yourself.

The RAVAS RIS software runs under Windows and is delivered with a licence key for a one-time payment.

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