coming soon: rcs Hy-Q with 5200 indicator

RCS Hy-Q-52 ✓ Hydraulic weighing system ✓ Easy to install ✓ Intuitive color display ✓ USB port and Bluetooth 4.0 for easy data transfer.

Coming soon: RCS Hy-Q with 5200 indicator

RCS Hy-Q-52 is the soon to be released version of this hydraulic scale, with the new indicator 5200. This highly intuitive touch screen indicator is the latest addition to the RAVAS instrument range. At any given time the touch screen only shows those function keys that are relevant to the ongoing operation of the scale. The 5200 indicator comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and with an app to collect the data.

RCS Hy-Q-52: an easy-to-install hydraulic scale

RCS Hy-Q-52 is an accurate hydraulic scale with relatively simple installation procedures. A pressure sensor is installed on a hydraulic line on the forklift. Magnetic sensors in a rail are installed against the mast, to measure lifting speed. Lifting and lowering the load along the magnetic rail provides an accurate weight of the load, averaging out the influences of asymmetric load distribution.

User-friendly color display makes calibration easy

Field accuracy of the RCS Hy-Q-52 depends on optimal calibration after installation on the truck. The user friendly 5200 instrument, with its full colour touch screen, makes calibration easy by guiding the technician through the procedure.

A USB port and Bluetooth 4.0 for managing data

The 5200 indicator has a USB port, as well as Bluetooth 4.0 to export data to another device. Additionally, the RAVAS app can be used to download data from the 5200 instrument and send it off via email.

RCS Hy-Q in a nut shell:

  • High accuracy hydraulic scale
  • Intuitive full colour touchscreen display guides the user
  • Overload indication in display
  • No manifold block: easy and cost efficient installation
  • Load Center Point deviations hardly affect weighing accuracy
  • With user and service app