Van Roessel printing office controls incoming and outgoing goods with forklift scales

Van Roessel-RAVAS-RWV-C

Van Roessel Drukwerkers does specialised print jobs for the multimedia market. It sometimes happened that the presses had to be stopped, because paper had run out. Nowadays incomplete deliveries are already signalled while offloading the lorry, by a scale on a forklift truck.

"You can see what the weight is while you are driving."


Folders and brochures

Van Roessel is a printing company including a complete finishing department, where the made prints are folded an stapled. Next to the production of folders and brochures, the company is specialised in printing hard back cover CD boxes for the multimedia market. This is done in variable numbers. Their clients are advertising agencies and large CD-producers in Europe.

Desire: control on incoming and outgoing goods 

In the past Van Roessel did not weigh. Mostly this had consequences for the outgoing transport. The delivery trucks had the capacity to take four pallets. In order to reduce the number of rides, Van Roessel always booked the full capacity. However, as the weight of the pallets could be anywhere between 300 kg and 600 kg, this sometimes led to complaints of the carrier because of unexpected overweight. Another issue was that Van Roessel could only see what the weights and thus the costs were when the forwarder’s invoices arrived. Next to this there was no control on incoming goods: when the production found shortage on paper during the printing process, doubt could arise if they had been delivered the ordered paper quantities.

Weighing without loss of time 

Today Van Roessel works with the RAVAS autonomous weighing forks mounted on a lift truck. Without loss of time, paper deliveries are weighed during unloading. Any shortages will be detected immediately. Overload of the trucks can be avoided: all outgoing pallets are weighed and thus the total weight is known. For export shipments goes that the weight of the shipment can be announced to the forwarder before actual despatch.