Scheren Logistik uses RAVAS scales on warehouse trucks for error free order picking

Scheren logistik-RAVAS-RPW EL-Indicator 4100

In order to minimize errors during order picking, 3PL provider Scheren has equipped his Jungheinrich order picking trucks with integrated scales. The warehouse management system interrogates the scale for the net weight increase after each order line picked, and compares this actual net weight with the theoretical weight of the articles. Only if the weight corresponds, the order picker receives the next order line on his truck terminal.

"Nowadays it is no longer enough to simply supply quality, you also have to record that quality, to document it, to be able to show proof in case of doubt or complaints."


50.000 pallets shipments a month 

Scheren Logistik in Düsseldorf provides logistic services in the form of transport, storage and distribution of consumer goods, mainly for the food industry. The company employs 300 people, at three different warehouse complexes, with a total capacity of 100.000 pallet locations. Pallet shipments amount to 50.000 per month. Some of Scheren’s clients are Henkel, S.C. Johnson, Dupont and GSK.

Wanted: no picking errors 

Scheren Logistik has been working with computer supported handling for twenty years now. In cooperation with the company Jota, Cassis was developed, a warehouse management system that enables paperless order picking at a high speed of handling. With the same amount of personnel a higher pallet turnover was realised. However, Scheren Logistik kept searching for ways to minimise errors.

Solution: RAVAS scales 

The Jungheinrich order picking vehicles, are now equipped with a weighing system, as well as a data terminal. When the operator starts picking an order, the weight of the empty pallet is recorded as tare, by Cassis. The operator then receives his order lines on the data terminal. He picks the first order line and identifies the article by barcode scanner. The weighing system communicates the new gross weight with Cassis, by way of the data terminal. The program calculates the added weight and checks whether this fits the theoretical weight of the order line. Is the added weight correct, then the operator gets permission to proceed with the next order line. Thus, every order is checked for errors, line by line.

Number of picking errors came down 

  • The number of errors has come done to 1 error on every 300 order lines;
  • Thanks to this protocol the end control could be dismissed;
  • A Dispatch Advice is automatically generated by Cassis, based on the recorded data, and sent to the recipient, who can prepare for the type, amount and volume of incoming goods;
  • In case of complaints, through the recorded data, Scheren Logistik can prove which goods were picked, and in what amounts.