Quaker Chemical fills drums with RAVAS electrical scale trucks


Quaker works on demand, there is almost no stock keeping of mixed chemicals. The filling is done using explosion safe weighing pallet trucks. ‘The weighing trucks have proved to be indispensable’, says Ad van der Meij (Supervisor Maintenance).

"We have been using the scale trucks for years, they have proved to be indispensable. The job today is very complex, with all these different batches. We use the trucks all day long."


Filling drums and IBC's on electrical pallet trucks 

Tank lorries daily supply the hundreds of components necessary for the production of chemicals. Quaker works on demand: customers order a product and Quaker mixes it. There is no stock keeping of the mixed, finished product. The components are mixed in large, fixed silo tanks that hold 1,000 to 3,000 kg of finished product. From these tanks smaller amounts up to 300 kg are dosed into IBC-containers or drums. This filling is done on STILL EXU 20 weighing electrical pallet trucks: through a hose the finished product is pumped from the silo to a drum or IBC-container on the weighing pallet truck. From the rotating RAVAS-indicator the operator can read the amount pumped into the drum. The trucks are equipped with a WLAN module that enables the RAVAS weighing system to communicate with a WMS or ERP system. In future Quaker will use the WLAN equipment to register on line the amounts filled into the drums and containers.