CryoTechnics uses RAVAS-1100 hand pallet truck scale to weigh a product that disappears…

CryoTechnics Cleaning Solutions uses its RAVAS-1100 to weigh dry ice, a highly volatile product. Leave a full container standing around for a week and it’ll be completely empty. So what do you do to fulfill a customer’s order for a product that slowly disappears without leaving a trace? You measure out a little extra….

Mobile weighing

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, a natural gas that has very specific characteristics. In its liquid state it can be stored and transported. If you then freeze it to temperatures of -80°C it becomes a solid that can be shaped into pellets and handled easily with insulated gloves. In its solid state it can be used for blasting surfaces, for cleaning. The advantage is you don’t have to clean up after you: once used, the dry ice pellets simply evaporate and disappear.

RAVAS-1100 pallet truck scale

Cleaning is CryoTechnics’ business: the company builds dry blasting cleaning equipment. They started out as a machine builder, but last year they decided they were going to sell the consumables used in their equipment as well: dry ice. From a large tank on their site, the liquid carbon dioxide flows into the production area, where a machine freezes it and shapes it into pellets. The pellets are immediately dosed into special containers, using the RAVAS-1100 pallet truck scale to measure out the ordered weight……and a little bit extra.


“Clean and Forget”

An example of why you would use dry ice to clean? One customer of CryoTechnics operates a paint shop and uses dry blasting to clean the chain that carries the parts along the paint line. Product loss because of contamination raining down from the chain, has been all but eliminated. And the advantages compared to manual cleaning, using chemicals, are evident: cleaning with dry ice means “clean and forget”….