Afton Chemical accurately doses additives from weighing forklift truck


Afton Chemical produces fuel and engine oil additives for large oil companies like Shell, Texaco and Total. The oils are mixed ‘on demand’, in large silo’s. 

‘For some mixes only 20 kilos of additives are required on a 5.000 liter silo. On such large volumes, exact ratios are very important. The RAVAS scale makes precise dosing very easy to do.’



Mixing exact doses on a weighing forklift truck 

The grounds of the Belgian Afton site in Feluy are littered with 1000 m3 of silo’s, storing oils and fuels. “On demand” from its customers, Afton mixes gear oils, lubricants, friction reducers, fuels and engine oils: small amounts of additives are mixed with the oils in the silos to create a final product that is sold in IBC’s or complete truck loads.

Two forklift trucks drive back and forth between the silos, carrying drums of additives in special clamps. The clamps are mounted on RAVAS carriage plate scales that continuously measure the weight of the content of the drums. From the drum additives are pumped into the silo, dosing by the weight on the RAVAS display. For accurate dosing, the forklift has a second, large weight display mounted on the outside of the cabin. Both in and outside the truck, the forklift driver can read off how much additive has been pumped into the silo and how much is left in the drum.  Nicolas Grégoire: ‘The weighing forklift trucks give us so much flexibility: from the trucks we can mix additives into a silo anywhere on the grounds.’  

‘Matching the customer's quality demands is of major importance’

Afton has used mobile weighing systems for a long time. Their previous carriage plate scales used cabling between the scale and the displays. Because of shocks and vibrations this cable proved to be a high maintenance item. Therefore RAVAS developed a Bluetooth signal transfer between the scale and the displays, eliminating the cabling.  Nicolas Grégoire: ‘The RVL carriage plate scale weighs very exact, we have no more errors. Accurate dosing is of major importance for being able to match the customer’s quality demands.’