RAVAS Pick by Weight @ Kuehne Nagel

Kuehne + Nagel sees Pick by Weight as a solution for preventing picking errors and for optimising their supply chain. The number of incorrect outbound orders is vastly reduced and accurate data is immediately made available to the warehouse management system. The trend toward wireless data communication via Bluetooth and WiFi is developed in ever broader ways. This year, RAVAS brought Connect Me to the market. Within this digital platform, of which Pick by Weight is only one element, all relevant information on material flows is made available to any WMS in real-time, fast and efficiently.  

Preventing picking errors

Picking errors cause high, unnecessary costs. Sometimes hidden, sometimes quite visible. Making errors in order picking means return goods, stock discrepancies, credit notes, communication back and forth. A loss of client satisfaction and a burden to your organization. Costs resulting from picking errors may run into hundreds of thousands of Euros per year, directly influencing your bottom line result. 

A RAVAS mobile weighing system, built into the forks of an order pick truck, allows you to verify every picked order line on-line. Picking errors are detected immediately and corrected on the spot, where the cost of correction is lowest: while still at the pick location.

The Pick by Weight solution, as used by Kuehne + Nagel, is part of RAVAS Connect Me.


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