RAVAS mobile weighing SKU data capture made mobile

Modern WMS installations are totally digitized and only exact data information about all the products (SKU’s) is needed in order to work fast, error-free and cost efficient.

  • Volume measurement
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Mobile Weighing
  • Data transfer in real time 
  • Mobile set up

Measuring weight and volume of bigger objects on the spot meaning, no unnecessary movements of goods, is now made easy and flexible with the total new DWS (Dimensioning, Weighing and scanning) system of RAVAS Europe BV.

 Volume measurement with Cubetape

The direct transfer of the measurement data to the leading warehouse management system takes place in real time, meaning:  seamless further processing can take place. Our software will can use different data transfer technologies for a connection, regardless of the warehouse management system used.




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