The RAVAS RWB ND is a U-shaped static weighing beam with a high accuracy of 0,1% max. tolerance. Extremely solid, available in all dimensions, easy to handle and practically maintenance free. 

Tripod available in various dimensions

Static weighing beam

High accuracy

Maximum error 0,1% of applied weight, option Class III

Solid construction

Extremely solid construction, practically indestructable

Easy to handle

Low weight, easy to move

No maintenance

Weighing system practically maintenance free

Option: disassembled version

RAVAS static weighing beams are also optionally available as a version that can be disassembled, to be used as two separate weighing beams. Download the manual of the RWB DE for more information.

RWB DE 690
Weighing capacity
2,000 k
Multirange graduation
0,2/0,5/1 kg
Max. tolerance
0,1% of the applied weight
Protection class
Indicator: IP65, load cells and cabling: IP67
Standard dimensions (in mm)
Length 1.200, width 810, height 70, between beams 610, width beam 100, weight 35 kg
Indicator on wall bracket, available with different type of indicators
Load cells overload capacity with 50 %, standard 5 mtr cable between platform and indicator, equipped with rubber support, power supply 230 V
Tripod, capacity 4,000 kg, version that can be disassembled, to be used as two separate weighing beams (model RWB DE), enforced plate for upgrade to platform, stainless steel version, galvanised version, power supply by means of exchangeable battery, 12 Vdc, 12 Ah, delivery including charger

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