Smart heart of logistics


RAVAS Mobile Weighing introduces a revolutionary breakthrough for logistics, warehouses, production  environments and supply chains. The RAVAS Red Box. 

Creating intelligence

Intelligent data processor

RAVAS launches the RAVAS Red Box. The smart heart of every RAVAS mobile weighing and dimensioning system. Order picking, volume measurement, optimization of your internal transport, with the RAVAS Red Box you only have one user interface that serves as a data processor between the RAVAS scale and a smart device, truck dashboard or PC. Data integration in WMS or ERP system is also possible.

Standard with Bluetooth

Main benefits

Built-in data processor

The RAVAS Red Box is an intelligent data processor that can be built-in in every electric pallet truck or forklift truck. It captures weight and dimensions and communicates the data directly to any smart device, which results in the operator using only one interface. 

Remote control

The RAVAS Red Box can be controlled remotely for programming, service, calibration and logging purposes. All to be performed by a RAVAS Service Technician per your request. The RAVAS Red Box is standard equipped with Bluetooth. Wifi and other data communication protocols are optionally available. 

Dimensions (l x w x h)
180 x 180 x 90 mm
6x load cells
Integrated converter
9-100 Vdc
Data communication
WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, RS232, 3G/4G
By RAVAS engineer via app or tablet

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