Pick by Weight case study at Raben Poland: order picking with double scales

Raben Group in Poland is a logistical company dedicated to comprehensive logistic services in Europe. In order to provide even better customer service, the company implemented the RAVAS Pick by Weight solution in order to reduce picking errors and thus complaint costs, and to optimize inventory control, which reduces the inventory time.


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Frit Ravich uses RAVAS mobile weighing systems for their batching and dosing process

It is very likely that you have eaten some of the snacks of the customer we helped in this case study. We’re talking about Frit Ravich, producer and distributor of crisps and snacks. Thanks to mobile weighing technology, they have been able to know to the millimetre what happens before, during and after the batching process.

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Optimize cross docking. A business case.

One of RAVAS' logistic customers explored the possibilities to obtain the exact weight of each pallet in its cross docking operation, without impact on its loading and offloading procedures. 

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Kuehne+Nagel uses weighing forks to reduce picking errors

In Italy, Kuehne+Nagel provides spare parts logistics for FIAT-IVECO trucks. The parts orders are picked and shipped to the IVECO Italian dealer network. Kuehne+Nagel registered 3.5% less picking errors, thanks to the RAVAS weighing forks on 48 of their STILL EK-X trucks.

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Kuehne Nagel chooses Pick by Weight for supply chain optimization

Kuehne+Nagel considers Pick by Weight as a solution to prevent order picking errors and to optimize their supply chain. Watch the video. 

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How to weigh inbound palletized goods to increase revenues?

One of RAVAS' customers recently started weighing efficiently without any impact on their cross dock operations. Here's how to weigh all inbound palletized goods in order to increase revenues. 

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