Legal for trade

If you weigh for trade purposes, i.e. if you invoice your clients based on measured weight, then the law obliges you to use a legal for trade scale.

Case study

Swissport Cargo Services

'With scale forks from RAVAS we improve our efficiency, raise our revenues, and provide better services to our customers.'

iForks Touch

iForks Touch is nextgen iForks: equipped with the RAVAS Touch screen indicator, it offers higher accuracy, more user friendliness, and extra, sophisticated features.


MyRAVAS.com is our new portal where you can find and download information about our products. Once you have created your account, you can consult MyRAVAS anytime, anywhere in the world.


Sending weight information from the truck to an ERP or WMS system on-line is easy with a RAVAS mobile scale. Connectivity makes invoicing and check weighing more efficient and less costly.

RAVAS iForks

the new generation scale forks

iForks is the first completely wireless scale forks for forklift trucks. The weighing system can be installed in a few minutes: plug & weigh.


shows position of the load centre

Very often the load centre of large loads is not in the middle of the load. But how do you know exactly where the load centre is?


Accurate to 100 grams

The ProLine weighing hand pallet trucks have an incredibly high accuracy. Suited for use in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Case study

DB Schenker

Logistics service provider DB Schenker increases productivity with iForks weighing forks for forklift trucks in combination with Cubetape.

Cases Worldwide


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