The iPhone and the SUV

17 April 2014

Imagine a weighing scale on a lift truck, strong enough to pick up your SUV, and yet... Weiterlesen »

Chief Modesty Officer

5 Februar 2014

Last week I spent several days with a five person delegation from Japan, and it was... Weiterlesen »

Soon live with a new web site!

5 Februar 2014

An exciting novelty is the prominent spot that we will give to case studies: stories... Weiterlesen »

Win-win, or even win-win-win

10 Juni 2013

Last week we had an importer sales meeting and I decided to tell them about my... Weiterlesen »

Social Media for TC’s

6 Mai 2013

How lonely is it, out there in sales territory? Getting up in the morning, knowing... Weiterlesen »

Beaten up some more

15 April 2013

Modern ICT tools level the business playing field and provide small companies with... Weiterlesen »

Toronto first timer

21 März 2013

My first visit to Toronto is turning into an interesting experience. I’m staying in... Weiterlesen »

ICT and global business model

28 Februar 2013

In the past, when companies grew global, they opened up offices in different parts... Weiterlesen »

Just decide – either way

18 Februar 2013

Last week was the best week for order intake we’ve had since 2008. A major... Weiterlesen »

Elevated forests

11 Februar 2013

Last week I travelled through Osaka by bus for one and a half hour, from the city... Weiterlesen »

Shanghai musings

4 Februar 2013

Strolling sleepless through Shanghai. A thousand high-rise buildings, all different,... Weiterlesen »

Eating Chinese chicken feet

31 Januar 2013

Whenever I've been in China, I have always eaten any dish that came onto the table.... Weiterlesen »

Taxis in Paris…

23 Januar 2013

I believe that one of the keys to successful entrepreneurship is making people do... Weiterlesen »

Mañana? What mañana?

17 Januar 2013

One of the biggest surprises for me last year: a Mexican firm that does order... Weiterlesen »